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Why does not water burn?

Hydrogen poses a number of hazards to human safety, from potential detonations and fires when mixed with air to being an asphyxant in its pure, oxygen-free form.

Oxygen is the most common gas involved in any burning process.

Water, which is a composition of both Hydrogen and Oxygen, though does not burn!


The answer is is simply because water is already burnt.

How was that?

If you put together suitable volumes of hydrogen and oxygen and provide a spark to start the reaction, one oxygen atom will combine with two hydrogen atoms, and will release energy in the process. The energy gets released in the form of molecular kinetic energy, and since the motion is random, this is exactly what we call heat energy. The gases heat up, and as all expanding gases do, they expand. That fast expansion of hot gases is what we call “an explosion”.

What is the result of this burning/explosion?

The answer is simple, if the proportions were right (one volume of oxygen for two volumes of hydrogen gas) all you get is water! Thus, water is _already burnt_. It is the “ashes” of hydrogen after it has burned.

What if I want to burn it again?

If you wish to burn it again, you have to separate oxygen and hydrogen. But, to do that, you need to supply as much energy as is released when the burning occurred. This is possible by electrolysis.

Moreover, Water has a high heat of vaporization and is relatively inert, which makes it a good fire extinguishing fluid. The evaporation of water carries heat away from the fire.

ALLAH said in Qur’an, “We made from water every living thing” 21.30.

Sobhan ALLAH who made fom water that contains explosive elements something that can put off fires.

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  1. mem non
    April 30, 2009 at 11:24 PM

    الافكار محور الحياه ليت الانسان يفكر ويتدبر فى خلق الله ليتعرف على مدى عظمه وقدره الخالق سبحانه وتعالى عم يشركون——-
    جزاك الله خيرا على هذه المعلومه الفريده

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