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Scientific Method

May 26, 2009 1 comment

Scientific method refers to bodies of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.

And if we are going to define it in a scientific way, it’s a method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.

Scientific method  is the best way yet discovered for winnowing the truth from lies and delusion.  It can be simplified in steps that look like:

  1. Ask a question or Observe/Identify a probelm
  2. Do background research
  3. Construct a Hypothesis (tentative description that is consistent with what you have observed)
  4. Use the hypothesis to make predictions
  5. Test your predictions by experiments or further observations and modify the hypothesis in the light of your results.
  6. Analyze your data and draw a conclusion
  7. Communicate Your Results


Many of the toughest computing problems can be solved by applying this step by step approach. It all starts by asking a simple question about what the problem is. Before you can even think about a solution, you have to understand the problem first.

Why do we have to do a research first?

Because a solution to this problem might already be there or discussed by some or many who faced it before, it’s always better to make use of other people past experiences to determine the best course of action to take and implement a common solution without a second thought and construct our hypothesis efficiently.

[To be continued]

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Child Robot

April 6, 2009 2 comments

Technology advancement surprises me more everyday …


Child-Robot (CB2)

The creators of the Child-robot with Biomimetic Body, or CB2, say it’s slowly developing social skills by interacting with humans and watching their facial expressions, mimicking a mother-baby relationship.

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